About this Web Site

This web site holds information on the MALES surname and its variants  MAILES, MAILS, etc.  I decided to develop it in support of my single name study of the name which developed from my interest in my own family tree and ancestry.
The United Kingdom branches of the surname are heavily rooted in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London with Hertfordshire having the highest occurrences of the name.
Most of my research has been centred on Hertfordshire as this is where my ancestors originated. Through my own research and correspondence with other researchers of the MALES surname across the world, I have collected a large number of MALES family trees and other references to the surname. My aim, over a time,  is to publish this material on this web site.
I have also taken Autosomal and Y37 DNA tests as a further means of discovering links between the various county centred branches of the MALES families.
In addition to the MALES surname, I also have interests in the following names:
LANGLOIS - Le Havre France and Magny en Vexin France pre 1820
THRESHER - Somerset and Wiltshire pre 1865
JOLLIFFE - Isle of Wight pre 1825
Phil Males
May 2021
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