MALES Family Trees

The family tree area of this website contains a number of family trees of families holding the surname MALES and its variants MAILES, MAILS, etc. Most of the trees currently relate to MALES families in England and in particular Hertfordshire and London. But family trees for MALES families overseas will also be added as time allows.

The family trees are held in Adobe Acrobat Portable Data Format (.pdf) and were created by scanning the hand-drawn originals. This approach was taken for expediency as much of the research to hand is still not fully captured in a genealogical database. It is also an effective way of distributing hand-drawn trees by computer.

The family trees are held as A4 size pdf documents. Typically the size for downloading or printing is between 20 kb and 50 kb per page. Users must have installed the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program in order to read or print the files. This can be obtained from the Adobe web-site at⁄uk⁄

For convenience, the trees are accessible in a number of different ways :-


l By Sheet Number
l By Location
l By Father's Name
l By Timeframe




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